GCH Windrift's Sweet Life Samba NA OAJ

Whelped January 9, 2007

Bred by Elizabeth Winans & Joanne Reed

Owned by Elizabeth Winans & Joanne Reed


 Jordy won Best in Sweepstakes at the 2008 National in San Francisco and finished his championship at the following KCSC specialty. He quickly earned a Grand Championship title and has several group placements. He loves agility and has NA and OAJ titles. Several of his puppies are starting their show careers.


Jordy won Best of Breed at both KCSC specialties and both Nor-Cal specialties in 2011, giving him four Specialty Bests in less than a month and making him top-ranked Keeshond! (Canine Chronicle, April 30)  Jordy came back to the 2015 national and continued his winning ways from the Veteran class.  He's been enjoying his retired live, but still producing lovely puppies.