Frequently Asked



  • Q: I've been told that you won't sell a show dog to me because I'm new to the breed. Is this true?

    A:  This is not true. I've sold dogs to many new people. I believe it is very important to get new people involved with our breed. I also believe that they should get off on the right foot by buying a dog with potential in the show ring. I believe that breeders should help their new buyers and stand by the dogs that they sell.

  • Q: Do you sell pets?

    A: Yes. All pets are sold with a contract and must be spayed or neutered. I do have pets available from Champion dam and sire breedings. I never breed a non-champion to a non-champion, and I always X-ray against Hip Dysplasia and check stifles against luxating patellas before any breeding takes place.

  • Q:   I've been told that Windrift contracts are too restrictive, and you won't sell a dog without a co-ownership.

    A:    First, please read my sales contract. I do sell my dogs outright. If people are interested in a co-ownership I will also enter that in the contract. I will co-own my show bitches. I feel that I cannot and will not keep numbers of dogs in the kennel. I believe that it is best to have Keeshonden in a home environment.

  • Q:   I've heard that Windrift is a big kennel with many dogs and that the dogs are always kept in crates.

    A:    This one is always humorous to me!! My kennel is quite different. It is not rows and rows of runs. It sits on a gentle hill and has five different areas, comprising a total of eight runs, an exercise yard, and a puppy play area, that are either covered with "real" roofs or are covered with large trees. All of the dogs have a view of the Valley Of The Moon (a scenic highway). I rotate dogs into the different areas daily so that they will get different footing and exercise. The number of dogs that I have is always different because I also show clients' dogs. I only keep four or five dogs of my own. There is a kennel building which has eight built-in crates, a whelping area and a grooming room, but the dogs live in large covered concrete outside runs with dog houses and raised beds for lounging. I use my crates in very bad weather or if I have a dog that barks at night. There's always an open invitation for anyone to come and visit the kennel.

  • Q: What happens to all the dogs you finish if you don't keep them?

    A:    I either keep or co-own one puppy from every breeding. If I keep a puppy to raise at the kennel, I will finish its championship. Then, I will make a decision if I wish to keep and breed it. I will usually breed a bitch once and then find a good co-owner who wishes to have a champion brood bitCH I only keep a few really good males at the kennel.

  • Q: I have a dog that is unrelated to the Windrift line. Will you consider showing it for me?

    A:    Yes, I show many dogs that do not belong to me and are not bred closely with Windrift dogs. I also show other breeds -- notably Poms, Shi Tzus, Pugs, and Pekes. If you have a dog that you would like me to show for you, contact me.

  • Q: What does a Windrift dog cost?

    A:    Windrift puppies cost $1,500 to $2,500 depending on parentage and show potential. I sell all dogs on a contract that guarantees the health and welfare of the breed. I do have stipulations that each dog must be x-rayed and stifles checked before they are bred. I also request newcomers to consult with me on how these dogs should be bred. Please read my sales contract for full details.

  • Q: I was interested in breeding to one of the Windrift males, but was told that you will not breed to outside bitches. I am concerned with the price of the stud fee and shipping expenses.

    A:    Before anyone sends a bitch to any of my dogs, they must be x-rayed, hips certified normal and stifles checked clear. I request a copy of their pedigree so I can see what's behind their bitch to ascertain if this will be a good breeding and what problems there might be. If someone flies a bitch into the San Francisco airport there is an additional pickup and delivery fee because of the distance to the airport and back. Please read my Stud Contract for full details.

  • Q: If I breed to one of your dogs, will you help me sell the puppies?

    A:   Yes, I have a long list of people wanting pet and show quality dogs. If you have an exceptionally large litter and have trouble selling them, I will sell them on consignment for you.

  • Q: If you breed only a few litters a year, how can I get a Windrift puppy?

    A:    I only have two or possibly three litters a year at my kennel. I do co-own one or two other litters a year. These litters are situated all over the United States. If you are interested in purchasing a pet or show dog, please call or drop me a line and I will tell you what is available. I will also try to keep the "Puppies and Dogs Available" section of the site up-to-date.

  • Q: I'm having a problem with grooming my Keeshond. Will you help or show me how?

    A:     I'll help or show anyone the tricks of the trade in grooming. Whether you have a dog of my breeding or not, I will help you learn. Just drop by at a show and I will help or show you how to make your Keeshond look better.

I feel I am a very friendly outgoing person. I've been in the breed for many years and I am always there to help people with whatever problem they might have with their Keeshond. I've learned a lot through the years being a professional handler and I am willing to share what I know. Please, if you ever see me at a show, stop by and chat!


I realize that sometimes I'm busy showing dogs, but I always enjoy meeting and chatting with others when I have the time. So, please catch me when I'm not ready to go into the ring. Come by and watch me groom and pick up some tips. Or better yet, when I'm through let's have a cup of coffee together! I'll buy!


If you have any questions that I have not covered, please e-mail me or call me at (707) 538-7648.